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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tips for Artists, How to Keep Fit in Your Art Studio

Starting the New Year out Right

It's the time of year we make resolutions and probably the top resolution is losing weight and getting fit. That happens to be on my list this year along with creating more art and improving in my work which is something I'm always striving at doing. What are your resolutions?

Since a few years ago when I finally reached a point in my life to pick up my childhood dream of being an artist and learning to paint, I have found that the sedentary characteristics of drawing and painting have caused me to pack on more than just a few pounds. If you are anything like me with your art, I can get completely lost in my happy place when I'm working which results in loosing complete track of time. I love that feeling, but not the pounds that come along with it.

 (Cartoon of myself, as you can see I'm much better at painting than cartooning)

What I'm doing

Being fit and into health and fitness, prior to having a family life and pursing the sedentary aspects of art, kept me in great shape. Combine that with getting older and a lot of sitting at the computer and easel, was packing on the pounds and it isn't settling well with me. So, I've decided to do something about it by standing as I do my paintings, and exercising during my kids activities when I can not be in the studio.

Taking it a step further, I recently bought the Garmin Vivosmart activity tracker to help with my goals.  After getting one for my son who is a swimmer, I found myself comparing it to the Fitbit. They both have pluses and minuses, but I went with the Garmin Vivosmart. Why? Because it has an alarm to remind me to get up off of my derriere and get moving. Little did I know, even after spending years in the gym that, long periods of inactive time slow your metabolism even if you fit in a good workout during the day. Note: it is perplexing at first since they only include a quick start guide. You have to go online to the Garmin connect site to get more details

 If you don't have a smart watch or fitness tracker, set a timer, any timer

Also, if you aren't aware, eating more frequent smaller meals will also speed up the metabolism. Make sure to drink 6-8 oz of water. You get hungry if you are dehydrated. Try snacking on something healthy, low in carbs and sugar, high in protein and good fats. This tracker, like many has an option for tracking your meals including calories consumed, and calories burned along with sleep. Best of all, it's water resistant, so I can clean my brushes with it. Just don't get solvent on your tracker. Oh wait, Did I mention I can control my music on my compatible device. Music is a must for me when I paint.

Tips In Summary:

1. Get up and move, march in place or something for a few minutes, even just five.
2. Try standing up to paint
3. Monitor your eating
4 Eat smaller healthy meals
5. Snack on healthy snacks in between meals. Think yogurt, nuts. peanut butter with fruit, etc.
6. Keep a bottle of water near. Drink 6-8 glasses a day. 
7. Limit sweets, caffeine and alcohol

The 3' x 6'  lion oil painting is complete and will be posted to my website soon. Keep your eyes open for my upcoming elephant or giraffe painting. I think it will be an elephant.

I suppose this post is going to hold my feet to the fire for getting back in shape, so here is to a fit New Year with many more paintings to come.

If you have a special routine or plan to stay fit in your studio, please share them. I'd love to hear it.
Happy New Year everyone! I wish you peace, success, creativity and prosperity in the New Year.