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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

About My Art and What's Next

After recently painting The Majestic Lion, I've decided a group of similar paintings for a wildlife series. Followed by seascapes then likely florals.

Second Lion in my Wildlife series-work in progress

So just what is my artwork about? While I have painted a variety of subjects, if you look closely at my paintings, they revolve around the following: 

1. Nature
 (trees, animals, water, flowers)
2. Animals
3. Music: I love music and it will show up on occasion in my paintings, and may be connected with nature.
4. Spirituality-Occasionally I feel compelled to paint something spiritual such as Angels. I have mostly been moved to do so when a close friend has become ill or affected with cancer. 
5. Style: As you will see in most of my paintings, I lean towards realism with a contemporary effect. You will see a little impressionist work mixed in as well. 
6. Color-I love color, so look for vibrant colors, earth tones which reflect my love of nature, and even some paintings that are soft in color.

(Scroll to the bottom to see wildlife photos from a recent trip. This is an idea of some of the animals I intend to include in my Wildlife series.)

So what do I have planned and when? As an artistic person, I am a complete free spirit. Variety and spontaneity keep me fresh and creative. 

However, I will be working on a wildlife series for the next few months. If you connect with or admire animals, wildlife and nature like I do. Keep an eye out for my work. 

Somewhere in that mix, I do have a violin portrait, some commission work and possibly another
palette knife boat painting you will see. 

After these paintings take place, I will be focusing on some seascapes and Equine paintings. Flowers will come later. 

As always, thank you for reading and following my art. 

Written by
Tina A Stoffel

And a large 36 x 48 lion oil painting Work in Progress