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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reference Photos

It's been a while since I've posted and for a good reason. I was on vacation with my family and took over 1500 photos. I'm so excited because I have a huge database for reference photos now. 

I was just asked by a photographer from an online social networking site, "What are Reference Photos?". 

Reference Photos are photos are photos that are used as a reference for derived works of art for artists with proper credit given to the photographer. Reference photos are not for duplication, reproduction or computer generated images, but rather for drawing, painting, whether it be pastels, colored pencils or another type of media. In the case of reference photos, for either a nominal fee or free the photographer grants permission to the artist for derived works of art, but still holds copyright of their images. 

Please see The U.S copyright office and Wikipedia for more details on US copyright and international treaties to protect photographs.  Here are the links:

Where to find reference photos on the Internet
I have a wonderful Free Artists Reference Photos community on Google Plus. In an effort to protect photos from abuse, you must request to join. Here is the link:
More links:

That wraps up reference photos for today. Look for new artwork and a final synopsis about the High School Senior I just mentored. 

Written by:
Tina A Stoffel