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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Block out Areas of a Painting

Sometimes when doing a painting you will need to block out an area. Here is a very simple method I learned from artist Darrel Crow.

Items you will need:
Contact paper-sticky type of shelf liner
Cutting surface
Exacto knife
Tracing Paper or a projector


1. Project or trace  your image onto the contact paper. Remember to do this in reverse of the way you want your image to appear on your painting surface.

2. Trace your image onto the surface

3. On a cutting mat/board or surface that won't be damaged, Cut away around your image to tape to the cutting surface. Cut your shape out with an Exacto knife. 

4. Peel the backing off

5. Place it firmly onto your painting surface making sure paint does not seep into the sides.

6. Paint the rest of the background of your painting.

7.  Peel off your image asap and make sure there are no demarcation lines. I just use a soft scrubber brush or small paint brush to flatten this area.

8. Now block in your image. Make sure to fill it in entirely. Here is an example where I used this technique while creating my recent painting, Beach Dreams: 


Here is the final outcome: This is an 11x14 commissioned original painting. Due to the small size of this portrait, prints are available in limited sizes to preserve quality. Check my Fine Art America page also known as for more information:

written by Tina A Stoffel