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Saturday, August 2, 2014

How To Care For Your Original Oil Painting

Caring for your painting is pretty easy. It has a varnish on it that will help protect it from dust, dirt, sun damage and elements. However, do try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

  1. Dust your painting as needed with a soft dry cloth. Never use cleaners, furniture polish or any other chemicals on your painting.
  2. Your painting will take 6 months to 1 year to dry. There are debates that it could take longer, but this is the standard amount of time, so let your painting breathe. Do not cover in plastic.
  3. If you will be moving or need to store your painting, Loosely cover the painting with release paper. Glassine or wax paper is okay if you are not in a warm, humid climate. Wrap with bubble wrap and store in a box marked fragile. Do not pile heavy objects on top.
  4. Avoid direct sunlight that can cause cracking and fading.
  5. If your original painting is damaged by smoke, fire or water, it could be restored. See a professional art restoration company for an evaluation.
  6. Protect your painting from water. If it should come in contact with water. Dry immediately with a soft dry cloth.

Written by Tina A Stoffel